In an effort to strengthen communication between home and school, and to celebrate the successes of our SJMS students, we regularly publish a school newsletter.  For your convenience, editions are arranged here with the most recent on top.  Click on the link to view, download or print.

Current Newsletter

      PDF DocumentMay 2018 Newsletter

Past Editions

      PDF DocumentApril 2018 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentMarch 2018 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentFebruary 2018 Newsletter      

      PDF DocumentJanuary 2018 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentDecember 2017 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentNovember 2017 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentOctober 2017 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentSeptember 2017 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentAugust 2017 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentJune/July 2017 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentMay 2017 SJMS Newsletter

      PDF DocumentApril 2017 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentMarch 2017 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentFebruary 2017 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentJanuary 2017 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentDecember 2016 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentNovember 2016 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentSeptember/October 2016 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentAugust 2016 Newsletter (Includes Recommended Supply List, Orientation, Open House)

      PDF DocumentJune/July 2016 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentApril/May 2016 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentMarch 2016 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentFebruary 2016 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentJanuary 2016 Newsletter 

      PDF DocumentDecember 2015 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentNovember 2015 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentOctober 2015 Newsletter 

      PDF DocumentSeptember 2015 Newsletter 

      PDF DocumentAugust  2015 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentSummer 2015 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentMay 2015 Newsletter 

      PDF DocumentApril 2015 Newsletter  

      PDF DocumentMarch 2015 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentFebruary 2015 Newsletter  

      PDF DocumentJanuary 2015 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentDecember 2014 Newsletter 

      PDF DocumentNovember 2014 Newsletter 

      PDF DocumentOctober 2014 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentSeptember 2014 Newsletter  

      PDF DocumentAugust 2014 Newsletter 

      PDF DocumentJune 2014 Newsletter

PDF DocumentMay 2014 Newsletter  

PDF DocumentApril 2014 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentMarch 2014 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentFebruary 2014 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentJanuary 2014 Newsletter  

      PDF DocumentDecember 2013 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentNovember 2013 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentOctober 2013 Newsletter

      PDF DocumentSeptember 2013 Newsletter

PDF DocumentAugust 2013 Newsletter 

PDF DocumentMarch 2013 Newsletter

PDF DocumentDecember 2012 Newsletter

PDF DocumentAugust 2012 Newsletter