Wilson Center building

STrIVE ACADEMY (St. Johns Alternative School)

We believe that everyone can learn in STRIVE Academy.  Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere that creates a sense of belonging and ownership.  We encourage students to discover their potential and to develop skills which allow them to overcome personal, social, academic, and technological barriers to success that will allow them to redirect their lives and become cooperative, self-sufficient, and responsible citizens in school and in the community.

What is STRIVE Academy

At STRIVE Academy all of our classes are computer based.  We utilize E2020 classes through Edgenuity.  These classes use multimedia, animations, simulations exploration activities, videos and vocabulary activities to engage students.

How can computer based learning help your student?

Students are able to work at their own pace.  If a student is struggling with a topic, they are able to review the lecture and activities.  They may also pause a lecture to ask a teacher a question for clarification on the subject.   

Students can work on classes any time, any where.  Students that are working towards credit recovery, do not need to be slowed down due to weather delays, a day off from school or even waiting until teachers are at school.  Classes can be worked on any time day or night.

Parents, through the Family Portal you will be able to see what classes your student is working on, how long they were working on it and how many activities they completed.  You can also see what your students grade is in any class they are working on.

Please contact our office at 989-227-5202 if you have any questions.





Upcoming Dates of Interest


Thursday, March 8 - Exams Students Released at 12:10

Friday, March 9 - Exams Students Released at 12:10

Monday, March 12 - Third Trimester Begins

Thursday, March 29 - Professional Development in the afternoon.  Students released at 11:05

Friday, March 30 -  No School, Good Friday



April 2-6 Spring Break!

Tuesday, April 10 - Juniors SAT testing, Juniors ONLY will be released when testing is completed, approximently 12:45

Wednesday, April 11 - Juniors ACT WorkKeys

                                    Sophomores PSAT10

                                    Freshmen PSAT 8/9

Thursday, April 12 - Juniors M-STEP testing

Friday, April 27 - Half Day for Students and Staff

Friday, April 27 - St. Johns High School Prom



Monday, May 28 - No School, Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 30 - SS.T.R.I.V.E. Academy Graduation 6:00



Friday, June 1 - St. Johns High School Graduation7:00

Monday, June 11 -  Exams, Released at 12:10

Tuesday, June 12 - Exams, Released at 12:10



Monday, August 27 - First Day of School